Old coupons for military families

  1. Sending Coupons to Military Families
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  3. How the Military Can Benefit From Your Old Coupons
  4. Send Expired Coupons to U.S. Military Families Overseas

Sending Coupons to Military Families

Those families who do not reside in the states do not have easy access to the coupns in magazines and newspapers like we do. Even if they receive them, often times, by the time they reach their overseas destination, they are close to, if not already, expired. For this reason, these commissaries waive those expiration dates to help these families still use them to save on their weekly shopping trips. Coups For Troops is a great initiative that was started to help get these coupons to those who need them. It is so simple to do this program. They can provide you with a military family to help.

Coupons For Troops FAQ Page

You just package up your coupons once a month and mail them out! You can visit them on Facebook to get more information, including the mailing information as to where to send your coupons. Well you can, and here's how to do it. If you use a few coupons or a lot you know that sinking feeling you get when you realize you went to all the trouble to clip it, but it expired before you used it.

Not so fast! Overseas military commissaries will accept something that is basically worthless because it is expired for up to six months after the expiration date. The do not accept store coupons, restaurant coupons, nor do they accept Internet coupons that you printed yourself.

Expired Coupons For Military Families

While there is a six month grace period given for overseas families to use these coupons, from a practical perspective that isn't really that long. Think about it -- you've got to gather and mail them, the commissaries have to receive them, and then the families need time to use them.

How the Military Can Benefit From Your Old Coupons

You don't use your coupons typically in the first shopping period after you receive them or otherwise they wouldn't be expired and neither do other families. So, if you want to do this it is best to send expired coupons for military family use in monthly, or at least every two months, in batches to make sure enough time is given for them to be used.

Sending a big pile of papers to a commissary will not be very helpful.

They don't have a lot of manpower to sort through these coupons to distribute them properly, and most likely they'll just end up being recycled. However, you can make it easy for them, and make it more likely they coupons will actually do the good you're hoping for, if you do the following:. Some people recommend sending the coupons directly to various overseas commissaries, but this program has become so popular that many of these commissaries, which don't have lots of extra manpower, have gotten rather overwhelmed with all the coupons they've received.

Honestly, these days sending them directly to the commissaries is less likely for them to actually get used like you'd like.


Send Expired Coupons to U.S. Military Families Overseas

A charity which helps as a middle-man for processing these coupons that I've come across is called "Support Our Troops. If you have specific questions about the packaging and sorting required to get your own donation ready this Facebook page is a great resource to look at.

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At least from my research it appears that this charity has the best ability, since they deal with so many of these coupons daily, to know exactly which commissaries need them the most, and to get them into the hands of military families who can really benefit from your generosity. You learn something new every day, and with the popularity of this article I've been told by readers of additional places you can send these coupons, so I thought I'd pass along that information.

They have a Facebook page, too.